CarStory Market Reports Real-Time Insights You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

What are carstory market reports?

CarStory Market Reports arm you, the customer, with detailed and unbiased insights that help you make the right decisions when buying a used or certified pre-owned car. We show you exactly how a car fits into your local used car marketplace, answering questions such as:

Is this car a good deal? How much wear and tear does this vehicle have? Are there similar vehicles nearby that have more features or lower mileage for a better price?

And CarStory draws on our industry-leading dataset and patented algorithms to provide true insights — curated recommendations and contextual details that illustrate the value in each vehicle in its local market to give you the critical knowledge you need to make an informed, confident decision.

  • 1. Data? We've got that.

    We power some of the largest auto marketplaces—over 350 marketplaces in the last 10 years—40 million vehicle searches per month and more than 7 million vehicle listings at any one time. We analyze tens of millions of used car and truck listings every day, along with real-time data on how car shoppers use and interact with those vehicles, generating the most complete picture of the used-car marketplace.

    collect data
  • 2. And we know quality counts

    100% of the car and truck listings we receive and process have missing or incorrect data—yes, you read that correctly—100%. Our analysis catches and corrects these errors and inconsistencies, so dealers and buyers get a complete representation of a vehicle and its market. This is key to understanding how a car or truck stacks up to other similar vehicles from a pricing perspective.

    clean data
  • 3. It’s all relative

    The real power of CarStory becomes even clearer when we compare the vehicles in our database to each other across local markets. This real- time analysis of such a huge number of vehicles gives us an accurate view of the relative factors that play into buying decisions—is this car really a good deal? Will this truck sell within days, or is demand for it lower in this area? Am I likely to find another just like it but with more features? If I’m willing to drive a little, can I find an even better deal?

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  • 4. The whole story

    The basic facts and stats of a used car only tell half of story—the real key is knowing where it fits into the used car marketplace. With CarStory, shoppers are armed with the insights they need to make smart buying decisions, which helps dealerships and drivers alike.

    the whole story

what our customers are saying

... I called Platinum Volkswagen after happening upon their site and they sent me the CarStory of the Tiguan we were interested in ... We drove the 30 minutes to Platinum VW and bought the car we really wanted! We are thrilled! ... It’s our first car and we’re not car savvy so thank you for creating such a fantastic resource for people like me (in a rental car with wife and 2 year old while car shopping) who need detailed information arranged in a user-friendly format that is easy to understand.

Beau Bernstein, New York City